The Pirate Ship is Back

We've missed the Pirate Ship and the great evening Fireworks. Want to learn more about it? Check out this article from Garza Blanca.

Without a doubt, one of the most iconic images of Puerto Vallarta’s coastline is the Marigalante pirate ship that sails each night of the year rain or shine. Alongside a photograph of the Los Arcos rock formation that rises from the sea just south of Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, taking a selfie with the pirate ship in the background is a must-do while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. But did you know that the Marigalante pirate ship is not just one of Puerto Vallarta’s top tourist attractions? Read on to discover the true history behind the ship that features in Puerto Vallarta’s most popular tour.

The Marigalante pirate ship is not just a pretty face

The Marigalante was not always a pirate ship. It was carefully crafted between 1980-1987, taking 7 years to complete the work of art with the intention to commemorate the 500th Anniversary (in 1992) of the discovery of America with a series of international voyages. The replica of the Santa Maria, the Spanish galleon sailed by Christopher Columbus, was built in Alvarado, Veracruz, funded by the “Mar, Hombre y Paz” Civil Association a non-profit organization. READ MORE FROM GARZA BLANCA

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